Website Applications and Phone Apps to your Graphic Design business

Technology Services We Offer

Technology Services We Offer

Add New Markets, Website Applications and Phone Apps to your Graphic Design business.

I would like to work with you.

My business is to support Graphic Designers by offering the technologies needed today

I work through Graphic Designers building the back end support to drive whatever their website or phone app projects require and their clients wish

I write up the specs and help to organize the functional requirements – then I build, integrate, complete, test, install and deliver every project – everything except the graphic art – and visually they look exactly as the Graphic Designers wish

I am finding that marketing requirements are changing rapidly. More and more of the projects that I work on are now requiring more specific and advanced functionality.

I could give you a hundred examples of this (after completing more than 500 websites with graphic designers like yourself).

I will give you a few anyway.

Some of my estate agent projects have required functionality where people looking for a property – especially in the evenings when offices are closed find themselves looking at a To Let sign and wanting to know more about what is offered.

In my projects they can send a short-code sms text to a number displayed on the sign – which goes directly to the website. The website replies with an sms text showing the property description in the database – generally describing the number of bedrooms, and perhaps a rooftop terrace or back garden, the asking price and much more.

They can be interactive – so that there is a menu at the bottom of the text where they can press 1 for more of one sort of additional information, 2 for another etc. The number is recorded of course and the next morning the estate agent can call them back with knowledge of the property they were interested in – and discuss it further – perhaps suggesting other similar properties.

Sms texting is used a lot these days. I have one ecommerce website where the owner wanted to receive an sms text at the end of each day showing a total of the purchases made that day.

There are dozens of other industries that have specific needs like this. I have built many auction websites – with real-time displays and controls allowing competitive bidding, autobid features and much much more.

One final area that is becoming more and more popular is business automation – where websites manage clients and staff, invoicing, and internal communications etc. – and even enforcing the priorities and actions that the company wishes to institute internally.

Many of my recruiting websites allow searching of candidates for jobs (of course) – but also searching of candidates by companies. Often candidates will receive an sms text or email when new jobs are entered – and this is automated – so that the recruiting staff can simply enter jobs – knowing that the website will automatically contact candidates that searched for similar positions – possibly by email and possibly by text.

Many of the specs that I do these days are also requiring a phone app as part of the project – another example of the changing market.

I really could go on all day about how project requirements are evolving so fast – that now a partnership between a graphic designer like yourself and an engineer like myself – often create the best final product.

Please give me a call or send an email some time and I would be happy to discuss this further with you.

You can reach me at any time at from within the US or Canada, or click on the link below to request an immediate call back through our website.

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