web designing and programming company based at Los Angeles

We are web designing and programming company based at Los Angeles. Unifying logics has been successfully serving its customers for more than 3+ years with uniquely designed web applications that speaks quality and creativity. You can find the appropriate applications with us that suits your need with best customization option at most affordable cost. We have the best artists with the best programming skills out here. Web Design Company is what we strive to be. Every client is guaranteed to LOVE their website by Our Company. We understand that different industries require different design approaches, and we will work with you to create the look that is best for your business. Please provide us with your brief requirement and we will get back to you with all details you need.
You can contact us at between 9am to 6pm PST. You can also use to contact us.
Here are some common plans which are widely used by our customers:

Basic Plan: (Suitable for start-up companies to initiate their web presence)

  • 1.    Logo designing
  • 2.    Layout designing
  • 3.    jQuery banner and menu items
  • 4.    15-20 static pages.
  • 5.    PHP contact form.
  • 6.    Basic SEO.
  • Price: $475

Time required: 7-9 days
Initial Payment: 50%
Final Payment: Once after completion of the website
We provide 3 months of free technical maintenance.

Content Management System (CMS) Plan: (Suitable for individual or company who often edit their contents)
Admin Area Features:

1.    Admin login.
2.    Admin can edit all pages.
3.    Admin can include images and delete images.
4.    Admin can add pages if needed.
5.    Admin can add videos of third party websites.
6.    Admin can delete the content and pages if needed.
7.    Video gallery section to add and delete videos in categorized format.
8.    Image gallery section to add and delete images in categorized format.
9.    3 months of maintenance for free.
10. Admin can change the username and password.
11. Admin can change the logo if needed.
12. Admin can manage the banner area. Admin can change the images sliding in the banner.
13. Admin can also manage the footer icons.

User Area Features:

1.    Logo designing
2.    Layout designing
3.    Jquery banner.
4.    PHP contact form.
5.    10-20 html pages.
6.    Basic Search engine optimization.
7.    Users can view videos and images.
Price: $875
Time required: 12-15 days
Initial Payment: 50%
Final Payment: Once after completion of the website.
We provide 3 months of free technical maintenance.

E-Commerce Plan: (Suitable for selling products online and managing inventory)
Basic Features:

1.       Logo designing until you get satisfied.
2.       Layout designing until you get satisfied.
3.       jQuery banner.
4.       jQuery menu.
5.       10-15 static pages.
6.       1 contact PHP form where you will receive instant email from your customers if they have any queries.
7.       Payment Gateway integration.

User Area Features:
1.       User can view all the products available in the website in categorized format.
2.       User can click on the category and can see products under the category.
3.       User can click the product and can view complete details about the products.
4.       User can click on the image of the product to see enlarged image. User can view all the images related to each product.
5.       User can rate the product and also comment on the product.
6.       User registration and login facility.
7.       User can save products in their favorite area to buy it often.
8.       User can add any number of products to their cart.
9.       User can buy all the products in a single shot by making the payment online through their credit card.
Admin- Area Features:
1.       User management.
2.       Admin once logs in will receive the information of the recent payments made and the products need to be delivered.
3.       Admin can create any number of categories.
4.       Admin can upload any number of products under each category.
5.       Admin can upload any number of images under each product.
6.       Admin can write contents under each product.
7.       Admin can delete or edit products and categories.
8.       Admin can integrate shipping charges.
9.       Admin can add Tax charges if needed.
Price: $1250
Time required: 15-20 days
Initial Payment: 50%
Final Payment: Once after completion of the website.
We provide 3 months of free technical maintenance.