SEO + Google Panda Update Explained

  • In today’s time SEO role is going to be very important because Google frequently updating its algorithms.
  • As mentioned in my below mail about the current changes (Panda3.3 & 3.4), in the continuation of the same Google has recently introduced web spam update named  “Penguin ” on 24th April which is focusing on those sites that practice Keyword stuffing and have “unusual linking patterns,” such as links from spun content with anchor text that is completely unrelated to the actual on-page content and are violating the Google’s Guidelines. Prior to this Google again introduced its famous “Panda” 3.5 update on 19th April where the focus was on pages that are not great quality and focusing search engines not users.
  • So with these changes our focus is on providing the right solution to our clients on the basis of the latest market trend so that our client should not get affected with these updates.
  • I would like to say that SEO Los Ageles is one of the best Online Marketing companies which is always up to datewith any changes occurring in the market And the company who change as per the trends is the one who sustain. I am happy to say that SEO Los Ageles is the only company in Los Ageles, who has already overcome the changes by revamping our entire team, our processes and plans.
  • Coming to our new strategies, as Google proudly say, Content is the KING.  (not true it is only good links that matter)
  • We at SEO Los Ageles has come up with the ways to syndicate quality/relevant/unique/entertaining content through various forms. (no need I just need GOOD QUALITY links)
  • To give you a brief idea, SEO Los Ageles is no more focused on the Traditional link Building, we are focused on quality content embedded with links via-
  • ·         Contextual Linking
  • ·         Link baiting
  • ·         Link Wheel
  • ·         Link Orbit
  • ·         Video Distribution
  • ·         Social media marketing

Please let me know your thoughts and let us first discuss on the value that you are looking for, and we will lastly price them according to the volume of work.

New Trends – Not Traditional Link Building

Team Lead at SEO Los Ageles. I would like to discuss the new and the improved off page solution for your SEO requirement. You may still be unaware of the latest version of Google Panda 3.3 and off course the very latest 3.4 update!

Each year, Google changes its search algorithms innumerable times. While most of these changes are minor,every few months Google rules out a ‘major’ algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways.

In short: Old Link Building strategies are passé. To stay ahead in the game, we need to be in tune with these ever changing prerequisites. We have specially worked on these changes with more focus and deep analysis. We have covered all the Google check points like :

  • ·         -Links from pages having no content
  • ·         -Poor quality links from irrelevant sites
  • ·         -Links from sites crammed with advertisements
  • ·         -Same content for multiple submissions
  • ·         – Absence of SMO in the overall SEO plan
  • ·         -Content farming with low value articles and blogs for Google/users
  • ·          -No Site Moderation

I would also request you to go through the attached PPT based on the current and improved Link Building with changed SEO. This will also help to understand how it will take place in 2012.

Strategy Going Forward ;-

Past couple of months has accentuated further the growing importance of social media, guest blogging, link bait and press releases. Panda seems to have been focused primarily on unique value and user experience. We now expect this trend to continue, and possibly even accelerate. Thus as SEO specialists we need to go beyond old-fashionedlink building. While that type of link building can and should be a part of any marketing mix, doing it in isolation will send unbalanced signals to searchengines.

Hence I have made the new packages as per the latest Googles update. These packages are heavily reliant on two bulwarks: Quality and Social Media reach. This apart from making old fashioned link building marginal have also ensured much more effort input into building an effective off page promotion campaign.

The central point search engines are looking at is: if so many sites are linking to this page why isn’t social media abuzz with talk about them. This means that one form of link popularity will have to be complimented with word popularity.

We would be happy to send you best fit proposal for Search engine optimization requirement we will send you a proposal using the top search phrases for your area of expertise.

 We are committed to maintaining a standard of excellence and assure you the best of services all the time!!!