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RE: Brothers Real Estate,

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Please see our quotation below:
Date: October 06 2010  
Toll Free #
(323) 375-9969

Purpose: Plan, redesign and produce a redesigned website for a real estate company art. and in order to establish a new, custom and professional online presence.


  1. Redesign and develop a HTML search engine friendly website, and transform all existing web pages in the current site to the new design. ( )
  2. Web Man LA will design a new layout theme using new images provided by client and SEO LA all changes will be made in an HTML in a highly search engine friendly structure , changes will make a more professional modern look to the site.
  3. All Images to be provided by SEO LA will provide unlimited free high quality images, client is free to provide additional images.
  4. All Content (text) to be provided by client , (existing and possibly new content).   we can write additional professional edited content at a rate of 50 per page. (total pages included in this quote are 20) (350 words minimum per page) for SEO purposes.
  5. Web Man LA will install an administration area  which is a search engine friendly CMS system (content management system) in which Admin or employees will be able to change text, add new pages, change images, and modify most of the site content.
  6. Verify Add and/or Change Strategic relevant keyword (text) placement and A Google friendly  site structure, URLs, Meta title, meta description, keywords tags, etc.
    (site will use a rotating HTML linking structure where any page on the site can be accessed from any other)
  7. An investment of   $2500.00 will cover the all the items stated above. (2 sites constructed) development only no SEO included yet except structure.
  8. To start work we need $1250.00 payable by a check.
  9. Hosting not included but recommended as well, from 1and1 ($50-100 for 1year)
  10. Any additional work beyond this scope will be charged at $69 per hour.
  11. SEO: Additional $1000 SEO work per site not included but suggested, (additional content with links).
    Detailed below:Monthly analysis of your existing site which we go over with you detailing
    where you are strong and where you need work, Including:

    - Analysis of website navigation to ensure that it is “Search engine friendly”
    - Installation of Lower navigation bar, with rotating (if more then 20) link to increase speed at which site is indexed by Google.
    - Keywords (at least 100, more over time 4,5 month ) analysis and refinement
    - On page structure and html tag analysis
    - Creation of an overall strategy for SEO based on the above analysis.
    - On Site optimization.
    - Ensure title and meta tags are (meta title, mete description & meta keywords) being used correctly
    - Search engine friendly URLs
    - Proper internal linking
    - Alt tags for images, rich with keywords.
    - Tutorials
    - Improving your copy
    - Getting back links
    - Link exchanges
    - Link building
    - Obtaining high quality links from related sites
    - Obtaining links from high Page Rank (PR) sites


Layout, Design and Coding


All code will be W3C-standard (X)HTML and CSS, and pages will be designed to display well on all major browsers at all common monitor resolutions. We propose the following design options for your project:

Custom Design Package

Advertising Solutions Inc will design a professional website for the project. We will create a unique, custom mock-up of the main page layout, based on your preferences. If you are unhappy with our first attempt, we ‘ll give you the second mock-up for free.

Number of Pages

Using your chosen finalized design, a unique home page and up to 68 distinct sub-pages will be laid out and created. The administrator may add an unlimited number of additional pages via the CMS. Additional page layout or data entry is not included in this proposal, but is available as an additional service.

Images and Text

Images supplied by you will be incorporated as desired.   Additional images may be purchased from sources such as


Simplicity, clarity of visual design, and ease of use for the end-user will be high-priority considerations at each stage of the design process.



Contact Form

Advertising Solutions Inc will create a ‘contact us’ form that will enable visitors to your site to get in touch with you. Collected data from the form will be delivered to you via any requested email address. All necessary fields will be created. This contact form helps to reduce the volume of spam received at your contact email address.

Project Support


Advertising Solutions Inc is dedicated to seeing your project succeed. From site creation to securing an online presence, our team is here for you! In order to help you get the most out of your new web site, we will provide the following additional services:

Project Management

You will have a dedicated project manager assigned to your account for the entirety of your project. Your project manager will serve as your point of contact, managing the appropriate team members to ensure all items within your scope are completed within the allotted time and budget.


Web site will be tested for compatibility with all common operating systems and monitor resolutions, and the latest versions of major browsers.

Tech Support

Advertising Solutions Inc will provide you with up to two hours of technical support for 30 days after the website goes live. Technical support is limited to Advertising Solutions Inc verbally answering questions, by phone or via email, pertaining to the website CMS or e-commerce functionalities. After 30 days you will be offered the appropriate maintenance plan by Advertising Solutions Inc.

Web Hosting

Advertising Solutions Inc will integrate your new website with your current web hosting company. Additionally, Advertising Solutions Inc can analyze your current hosting solution and present alternatives that may be able to provide better service at a lower rate. Please ensure your web hosting meets the following specifications;

· Linux operating system

· PHP version 5 or newer

· MySQL version 5 or newer

· gd library (for thumbnail generation)

· mod_rewrite (for SEO optimization)

· global variables needs to be turned off (security issue)

Search Engines

Upon completion, the site will be submitted to major search engines for indexing, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. The website will be coded to be search engine friendly. Search engine optimization, placement, and PPC are not included in this estimate.

Site Statistics

Detailed site statistics can be provided by connecting your website up with Google Analytics, if you desire. This free tool will enable to you track and analyze all traffic/visitors to your site and also enable you to track the effectiveness of your future marketing efforts.

(Optional) Maintenance Plan

Advertising Solutions Inc will provide maintenance, updates and consultation for your web site on an as-needed basis, at a discounted hourly rate of $69 per hour when purchased in a monthly plan of at least 2 hours.



An investment of $2500.00 will cover the items stated in the Scope of Work above. This estimate is good for 20 days from the date above, and is based on the information provided. The addition of pages or significant functions or features not specified herein may result in additional costs and time; Advertising Solutions Inc will make this clear via Change Orders.


Approximately 2-4 weeks for full completion including testing and bug fixing, will be required from start to finish, assuming that the processes of providing content, feedback, and approval are free from delays.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.


Aaron Moore
Account Executive

Toll Free #1-888-626-2865
e-Mail: sub (at)