Certification Exams for HP Workstation Technicians

There is no time like the present for beginning to validate and formally document your experience in the IT field, particularly as it is one of the most competitive fields out there. Every position in the IT realm has a number of entry level, intermediate and advanced or expert level certification exams available for documenting product specific and disciplinary skills and knowledge.

For IT technicians and technology consultants, HP offers a wide range of certification exam opportunities, and among the most fundamental in the technology realm is the sales exam for HP workstations. Tech support services staff and field technicians both benefit from completing the HP2-H23, which is formally titled “Sales Essentials of HP Workstations”.

The HP HP2-H23 exam is a targeted exam for sales professionals working for HP or for authorized partners of the company. As such, it is not an entry level exam applicable to all IT professionals, but rather one that is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of sales staff already familiar with the HP Workstations portfolio of products and solutions. That being said, successfully completing the HP2-H23 exam still requires exam preparation activities, including self study and/or training, completion of tutorials, and the use of practice exams, like those offered by sites such as TestsLive.com.

There are only 50 questions that appear on the HP2-H23 exam, and are all presented in multiple choice format. A passing score on this exam constitutes a 70 percent or higher ranking, and candidates have 75 minutes to complete the test.